Creating Custom Thermal Solutions

Our Core Competency is the Engineering, Manufacture, and Testing of Self-Regulating, PTC Heaters. Learn more about how PTC Heaters Offer Significant Advantages Over Traditional Heating Technologies.


Technical & Engineering Support
At Termico we offer best-in-class application engineering support to assist you with your product development efforts. With 80+ years of PTC industry knowledge on staff, we understand what it takes to produce safe, stable, and reliable heaters. Additionally, we provide valuable advice on how to integrate PTC heaters into your products.

Providing A Superior Product
Our process controls, combined with proprietary manufacturing methods, result in heaters with tighter temperature tolerances than most competitive products. You can be assured that your PTC heaters from Termico will be uniform, manufactured to your exact specifications, and exhibit the same resistance values “out of the box” and 10 years from now.

A Complete In-House Solution
When you partner with Termico, you’ll never have to worry about us subcontracting the circuit layouts or secondary operations to outside contractors. We have the experience and know-how to perform 100% of the PTC engineering, manufacturing and testing work entirely in-house. All manufacturing operations are performed at our brand new, state-of-the-art facility in Elk Grove Village, IL. Everything from circuit printing, lead termination, adhesive lamination, part fabrication, as well as thermal and environmental testing is tightly controlled and performed in-house.

ISO Certification

  • Mission / La Mission

    Provide sustainable, effective, and feature rich solutions to our customers that offer compelling value propositions.

    La compañía tiene el compromiso de proporcionar a nuestros clientes la solución nesesaría con los valores de eficacia y sustentabilidad.

  • Vision / Visión

    Continuously develop and expand our capabilities to remain a preferred source for Engineered Solutions to major end markets we serve.

    Permanecer como la fuente de soluciones predilecta del mercado en el ámbito de ingenieria con el desarrollo constante de nuevos alcances tecnológicos.

  • Values / Valores

    Maintain a small business culture in all of our business’ that fosters a family atmosphere built on trust, respect, dedication, continuous improvement and, empowerment that encourages all team members to take risks, make contributions to, and be recognized for the accomplishments of our collective efforts.

    Mantener la cultura de la familia en nuestros negocios, dónde se valoran las actitudes como el respeto, la confianza y la dedicación, a través del apoyo constante a nuestro equipo, haciéndolo participé de la toma de decisiones y riesgos que contribuyan al desarrollo de la compañía, reconociendo siempre sus esfuerzos por hacer posibles nuestras metas

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