The versatile nature of PTC heater technology lends itself well to custom applications for a wide array of uses in many different markets.

LED Traffic Signal Heaters

Keeps LED traffic lights free of frost and snow to maintain visibility and ensure driver safety.

Self-regulating heaters automatically provide heat to prevent snow from building up. See the presentation here!


Think heated seats in everything from cars, semi trucks and construction vehicles to airplanes, golf carts, and more.

Plus, improve performance in extreme weather with products like battery wraps or heated brake lines.


Regulating temperature can be vital in the medical world. PTC heaters can aid in this through heated surgical tables and gurneys, blood/fluid warming, and rescue equipment.

Keep patients comfortable with heated hospital beds, wheelchairs, blankets, and wearables.

So Much More

There's no limit to the possible applications
• Heated Pet Beds, Fish Tank Warmers, Etc.
• Stadium Seating
• De-Icing & Anti-Condensation
• Jackets, Gloves, and Other Wearables

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